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Hello and welcome to Boben’s Web Site.


This is our first attempt at a company web site, any feedback (good or bad) will be greatly appreciated.


To begin, please use the navigation bar on the left (you will have to enable scripts if prompted to do so in order to use the navigation bar). A selection of our products can be accessed via the products section and if you wish to get in contact with us then this can be done via the contact section, it seems obvious when you write it out!


In the near future we hope to show some of our products being used in our customers restaurants, if you have furniture supplied by Boben then please send us a picture and we will happily place it on our web site with details of who you are and where you are … a little free advertising for you!


Many thanks in anticipation for taking the time to check us out. I hope that you will see something you like and that you will allow us to supply your requirements. Even if you don’t see exactly what you want then let us know and we will try to locate it for you.


Kevin Andrews


Boben Ltd


Boben Ltd is a family owned and run business managed by Kevin Andrews. You are therefore assured of a personal and individual service.


We are importers and, through a sister company, manufacturers of contract furniture. Our client base is the Hotel, Catering and Leisure sector. We specialise in the supply of furniture to the restaurant industry.


Our business is operated from an office/showroom on the Highfield Industrial Estate, Folkestone.


This web site can only give a flavour of our available collection, which is extensive and wide ranging from some of the top producers in Italy. Indeed we can source your furniture from any manufacturer in the world so whatever your requirement we will locate it for you.